Tuesday 1 May 2012

BADD2012: You can type, therefore you can work

Today is #BADD. No, not  "Being A Dastardly Disabled" but "Blogging Against Disablism Day".
I've known this day has been coming for quite some time.
I like blogging.
Recently I've had some really lovely comments about my blog. It even appeared in the Guardian Social page (shameless plug).
So where is my brilliant blog I hear you ask?
You see, despite being able to type coherently at my laptop and therefore (according to most Daily Mail readers) perfectly able to get a job, I have been too ill to sit (sorry, lie) down and write something.
I HAVE tried.
I admit it hasn't been helped by the fact that I was assisting in the "We are Spartacus" response to the government consultation on PIP. But please note the key word "assisting", not "writing" as was the case for the Spartacus Report itself. That honour goes to the fantastic @narco_sam.
Thirty minutes of "assistance" and 3 hours of rest. This has been my schedule for the past 10 days or so.
Yet because I am able to write a paragraph like this I am judged by a large part of the population and deemed a scrounger. "You can type. You can spell. You can write well. Surely there is a job you can do?" they cry.
I would respond to this. I really would. I would explain about the pain, the memory, the concentration, sitting up (or not), wheelchairs, oxygen, bowels, seizures, emergency hospital admissions... But you see, my 30 minutes are up and I have to go and rest.


  1. I think a lot of these people don't want to face life. It's too much for them so they ridicule and jeer to try not to have to actually face it.

    1. Yes pray tell.. who are 'these people'?

  2. Hope you have a good rest, Loopy. Thanks for taking part. :-)

  3. Bill Kruse, who exactly do you mean by 'these people'?

  4. Hear, hear. I'm glad you had the spoons for today's half hour, because your voice is important. Have a peaceful rest.

  5. I hear this all the time that if you can do so and so then you can work. Do people really seriously think about what they say. Yes a disabled person may be able to type, think and spell but in the process of doing all this they are probably taking medication, having to lay down, been to the bathroom 3 times. Sometimes I really wonder how ignorant and inconsiderate our nation is becoming. Just try to think that any one can become disabled at anytime any where. Disability is not prejudiced, it happens to any gender, sexual orientation or religion. When you start to begin to be inconsiderate and ignorant, just think it could well be yourself you are talking about.

  6. Here on the BADD Tour...it's taking me a while to get through all the posts. I think it's wonderful that you're doing disability campaigning as you can, particularly for Spartacus...it's so important. You contribute to the world in all sorts of important ways; don't let anyone tell you any differently.

  7. I'm starting to realise that my spoons slide out while blgging/tweeting/Facebooking too! It's amazing. Keep your spoons up Doc!

  8. There are criteria in the PIP regulations that would be beneficial to those who cannot for instance remember a route and need someone to tell them were to go. Also those who use adapted Sat Navs for the disabled would qualify for PIP Enh Rate Mobility. http://piphelp.me.uk/start/news.php