Sunday 19 April 2015

I'll be back!

Wow. Well this year has been rubbish!

I've been offline for most of it so far, barely making contact with anyone either on Twitter or Facebook. As anyone who is mostly housebound and who relies on social media for a lot of their day to day social interactions knows, that is not a good sign!

Unfortunately I've been very ill this year and unable pretty much to do anything. January wasn't great but everything went pear shaped from the start of February. I'm only just starting to recover (went outside last week!), although there are still extra issues compared to normal.

I am slowly starting to use Facebook and Twitter again and at some point I hope to be well enough to write a proper blog post. I miss writing, however infrequently I can manage it.

I'll be back!
Until then, bye, and back to my duvet...

1 comment:

  1. Hope the coming weeks and months are much better for you, S.